In November 2021, Rua had an exhibition consisting of 13 oil paintings. The show, “VACATION”,  was curated by Independent curator Tony Strickland. Even with the limited attendance as the lockdown was coming to a close, the curator was very pleased with the response. 

In 2022, Rua will be showcasing 2 series of works.

Project 1 is entitled “ DESIRE”

This is a series of  figurative oil paintings; 8 to 10 paintings of guys,girl’s, couple’s and groups. “l  am endeavoring to depict all of the emotions encountered in a relationship from desire, love,dislike, to jealousy,envy and fear.”

 Project 2 is entitled “The Sun is God” it consists of a series of oils depicting Sunrise and Sunset over various cities that Rua has visited throughout the world,  eg. London, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Miami, New York and of course Dublin.